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and i think the rest of the media didn't understand how this was possible where did this come from. some kind of just genius singularity or did it come out of some larger tradition or is it the technology that he used so i i went on this kind of you have a quest to trace the ideas behind wiki leaks and then just you know once a sort of found the tradition that comes out of which is to say for punks a group that's been around since the mid ninety's who have always dreamed of using encryption to to take power from the government and give it to individuals i conceded that he was actually using technologies that are freely available that have been developing for decades and once you see that you have to wonder who is going to use those technologies next it's not if this isn't all just about julian a songe and it's actually a movement that's been developing for decades then it seems inevitable that it's going to keep evolving and then we're going to have another wiki leaks and another manning and maybe another songe you traveled around the world to understand the ins and outs of the hacking community you were tracking cypherpunks and you
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also spoke to members of other groups such as anonymous paranoia and open leaks well in two thousand and ten actually before i even spoke with a songe there was a kind of mutiny within the wiki leaks where one engineer known as the architects who is a very secretive guy who actually rebuilt the wiki leaks anonymous mission system and is known as is described has been described to me by other what he cares as a very as a genius as a brilliant arc engineer he kind of led this revolt within weeks against the sanjian who these sort of oppose his managerial style and his his strategy in terms of what documents to release when that is what they saw i suppose as a kind of. you know focus on the media spotlight rather than the most important for me and so. the german spokesperson for what he was burke left to create their own
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group called openly sens eventually in two thousand and eleven i had a chance to sit down with the architect would never spoken with that reporter before and hear his story of his time the wiki leaks why you left and what open leaks is trying to do and what is openly trying to do will open the one and wants to create one and says that they want to create a more transparent more better engineered sort of cleaner more systematized version of wiki leaks and also one that would avoid wiki leaks pitfall of becoming this controversial for you know of of that it that it became after a published these all these secret documents of a few weeks you know sort of became the flashpoint for this battle for internet freedom and open leaks would rather kind of see behind the scenes pass the information directly to the media and not publish anything itself and thereby you know the plan that was that the architect and. described to me to to avoid
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becoming that controversial target for the governments and for the private sector to attack to shut them down so the deal was to create a wiki leaks that had all of the sort of explosive power of granting anonymity to sources but avoided the controversy of publication and just gave the documents directly to the media i think that the reason that we haven't seen anything come from open weeks is really just speaks to the lack of credibility that the group has after the split that the you know the rupture between open leaks and wiki leaks in the in the process of of diverging i think both of them discredited the other and did more damage to each other than any intelligence agency or government could ever do as the list of these whistle blowing flash hacking groups widens or gets longer how can the government at least have the u.s. counter. act the trouble in the damage that these groups can cause well first of
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all as you say this is a completely global movement and i did spend time with a group called balkan leagues in bulgaria that has very successfully replicated what we did using the same software in a lot of the same methods and they did obtain secret documents from the book area and government from from anonymous sources so this is something that has been replicated around the world in the u.s. we definitely. i think we haven't seen the other wiki leaks organization successfully you know rebuild that system but i think part of that is is as you say a backlash from the government that the obama administration has prosecuted six leakers under the espionage act more than any other presidency combined so you know absolutely that there is a there is this a new war on leakers or whistleblowers you want to call them in july the head of the u.s. national security agency travel to las vegas to attend and speak at
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a hackers conference called def con this was the first time that the n.s.a. chief ever attended this conference since it began two decades ago you were there you heard him speak what did you think of his speech and why do you think the head of the n.s.a. finally decided to attend this conference when i was there i was kind of struck by the fact that this guy who who used to represent for the hacker community the enemy you know the n.s.a. has long been sort of seen as the bogeyman for hackers the you know the government's. hacker and here he was sort of in the belly of the beast it was a really bizarre situation then and he was very warmly received so that was the strangest thing of all there were there were no eggs tossed on him or what have they really weren't i mean critical questions even from this. audience of hundreds of you know somewhat subversive hackers but i think what the showed to me was
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a kind of what was how the american hacker community has evolved that it's become if it ever was political it's not political anymore the mainstream the mainstream cybersecurity world in the us which is very much about government contracts and start ups and making money and you know getting those beltway deals has subsumes what might have once been a very you know radical subversive community and i think it's no coincidence that to track down the future of wiki leaks i have to travel to europe where i believe that there is a much more vibrant. politically radical hacker movements like the one that i was telling about the case communication came from berlin the chaos computer club which runs that events has maintained a separation i think from the military industrial complex that the american hackers
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have and it has been a slow co-opting of american american hacker community by the government i believe how has that happened well i just think that's where the money is so they're offering hackers that are offering jobs the how absolutely that's what i wrote a story a couple months ago about classified ads that explicitly say we're looking for hackers who can build malware or who can write exploits and i don't think that i mean in some cases that might be reading exploits to tests defense systems but we know that the u.s. also created stuxnet this piece of malware that was used to shut down uranium enrichment facilities in iran so. it's it seems clear that some of the best american actors have been co-opted by the u.s. government for better or for worse what do you think motivates groups like wiki leaks and on a mess. paranoiac openly what do you think that the majority of that motivations
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when i met with this on july i believe i the sense i got from him was that he truly believes that wiki leaks is a kind of engine of justice that it's releasing up all this information that in fact leaks themselves. the easier it becomes to leak information the more the more punishment is levied against immoral organizations and the more of them the more that you know benevolent organizations are rewarded he wrote this in season two thousand and six that he he saw as a very efficient way of of sifting out of the moral and immoral players and society of course was also noted motivated by his ego but i think if we if we have some kind of spectrum where. you know one side is just creating chaos and the the fun of watching stuff burn and tearing down institutions and the other side is that is a true ideology of trying to advance the justice in the world then i think
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somewhere in the middle and some somebody like. a group like anonymous is much further towards the chaos side and i think that anonymous is a group that lacks of i mean they would they would say that they lack a kind of coherent ideology they just do whatever their members feel like doing at the time and often that's tearing stuff apart for the walls what do you hope that readers get from your book well i you know i think we were all shocked by it for i was shocked by collateral murder one in a period in april of two thousand and ten and to me it seemed to come out of nowhere you know i think that the media as a whole has treated this the wiki leaks phenomenon as a kind of one off strange kind of miracle or disaster whichever you want to call it and so i wanted to explore i want to explain where this came from but in the process i think that. showing the history of this movement. reveals that. the way this information is changing as
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a whole and that there can be no more shared secrets that's the whole idea of secrecy among a crowd is is falling apart and i think we saw this most recently with this with the romney appearance where he was speaking what to what he thought was a private crowd in his home private but the idea of a private crowds is now an oxymoron you know there's always someone within the crowd ready to record and leak the information so i think we live in a narrow where secrecy is being redefined and that's something i just want to share with the world and finally if you could just tell me a little bit about your last conversation for us on from what i understand it was his assistant that called you on the telephone right well i was walking down fifth avenue and i i got this call from his assistant and who put him on the phone and he really just wanted to yell at me about a story i had written about about. one of the founders of open leaks who had left wiki leaks and he told me that. that basically had stolen his ideas
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and that i should stop giving credit to the organization and you know that sounds like a pistol and. it is but at the same time you know he was right that open leaks has not actually succeeded to do even a fraction of what wiki leaks has done so you know to assign just credit he remains the figurehead of this movement's who you know has never been equals for better or for worse and the greenberg thank you very much for your time thank you. the stunning beauty of reindeer gracefully dancing across the arctic tundra more than just a scenic image it is a way of life for some traditionally the. people. are
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also highly skilled and organized. the response is depending. on the day we found this particular camp they were settled near the coast of the see here for families work together to manage nearly a thousand reindeer herding reindeer is not just a job for the people. and way of life. but they can use almost every single part of the reindeer to help them survive. the deer is a means of transportation. but life in the tundra is harsh and so before winter hits many of the children are helicoptered to the center of the district for boarding school.
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students learn different languages utilize modern technologies through specialized grant programs and even learn arts skills all within a protected environment the school was founded a. scientist who wanted a better way of life for his people but even with the most progressive ideas and education many say they don't want to trade the modern life. i have returned to the time and i actually like it here if you're outside there's fresh air fresh water looks at the site you can see deer it's a joyful sight. a sentiment that hopefully ensures that russia's northern reindeer will have caretakers for generations to come. culture is that so much different each visit is shared apparently on the mark left
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syria a civil war within and the deadly reality of seeing this conflict spill over into the entire region as much of the blame for the current. soon which brightened. the balance soon from funds to transition this. means flu starts on t.v. dot com.
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breaking news from our t.v. washington sends troops to jordan to protect its border with syria a move seen by many as an escalation of america's involvement in the conflict. a member of punk band pussy riot is freed on probation but an appeal hearing keeps the other two behind bars over their publicists downturn russia's main orthodox cathedral. and ongoing austerity fuels more separatism calls in europe as the referendum on scotland's a dependence from britain is all but confirmed. sports next now with paul.
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thank you very much karen welcome along to the sports headlines here's what's coming up. progress sports novak djokovic and roger federer are through to the next round of the shanghai masters without dropping a set. pedal to the floor ferrari's fernando along with this weekend's korean grand prix as he tries to take the paris lead in the top of the drivers' championship. the net boston as we bring you the best of the weekend's action from the russian premier li in gold school. but first to tennis and it's been an action packed day at the shanghai masters the second round seeing the top three seeds all progress to the first round second seed novak djokovic barely broke a sweat as he beat highly rated ball guerin youngster grigor dimitrov in straight
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sets up next panis feliciano lopez six three six two was the school as the sub looks to meet frog roger federer at the top of the world rankings. there is that objective there is a goal but you know there's still a few big ones to come in and obviously. on the season finale that. maybe can be this either but i will see you know i try to take it step by step elsewhere freshman j. wilford song also booked his place in the third round after the seven six seven five victory over patrick benn wopat. and czech terms but it also didn't drop a set. of eight innings six three six three. top seed roger federer begins for. taiwan in straight sets the recently crowned u.s. open champion as murray progressed without playing off the floor in my pulled out with a rib injury. elsewhere one of the officials at the center of cricket corruption
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allegations has strenuously denied the accusation that he was prepared to fix much as india t.v. claims pakistani army pioneering gary and five colleagues from sri lanka and bangladesh were prepared to fix matches at the recent t twenty world cup the international cricket council has launched an investigation but gary claims the accusations are no more than the better. but it is today i have spoken to p.c.b. officials and told them everything with truth and that this conspiracy is a total blackmailing by the indian lobby they just want to do three in pakistan cricket sometimes they blame the players and now they are targeting officials trying to almighty allah there is no other such problem in my ten year career i have remained on the i.c.c. panel for a decade i am satisfied with myself i'm confident that any decisions will be made in my favor. now to football and spartak moscow that defeat to local rival says carr the weekend ended what was an awful week for the red and whites who also saw
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their hopes of qualifying for the knockout stages of the champions may take a major blow with defeat to celtic which of on portly looks now the problems russia's most decorated club is facing and whether they can turn their season around. a season that started with so much hope. under new head coach and i immunity is quickly turning into a nightmare of a sponsor like moscow there is still a long way to go both domestically and in europe but midfielder damages who says his side need to turn things around sooner rather than later as we have a good game. the problem is that we don't. want to play how you must play and you cannot play in this league with one or two didn't do it if you did that all the time do then you don't get results and that's a problem. the muscovites will not play again for two weeks as bad players will be on international duty however does use force were echoed by aiden mcgeady would be
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irish we also believe in sponsoring a struggling to create chances in recent weeks i can't really explain i mean you need to hold him to be to be joe to go on playing well together. i mean i think overall to david and clear by the obvious that the two groups actually go this and . we're in the middle fifty's half chances are you know some cross he's some shots measure the box no nothing no. spots like haven't been held by lengthy injury list that are really lost a number of key players including romelu who's out for the rest of the season and goalkeeper i'm very good can is missing for a month from a shoulder injury however mcghee doesn't believe this is an excuse and says morale in the kambiz a great place. and it's not good and i mean obviously for the one to. you know win over guys you know. and i would if it isn't you know contention to go back up the league. said i don't think i was fortunate probably talk
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about what went wrong with the team as a blessing in disguise i was just having a bit of time off away from the shore so we're part of the i mean there's always people in you know temples. come in the four games with us. sometimes i was here. last response and could just seven points up the leaders on g. we begin school sitting side next time and it would revitalize great title hopes with just over a third of the season gone however there is still much work for you know anybody to do over the next fortnight to draw and get his side we need as well as sorting out a defense that's been less for me as a time conceding eighteen goals in just eleven games. donte. now has moved to the ice where in the cage are more thrust up than to have notably five one on home ice in the early game of the day in the other games. as
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a culling playing far below just corollaries two one in favor of the hosts midway through the third period where a lot more to a post do grab a lot of guard visit atlanta scene talk radio host but ace and sparta and texas. and attention turns this weekend to the career in graham frame for as fernando alonso still leads the drivers' championship but has seen his advantage cut to just four points in recent weeks the two time former champion has crashed out in two of the last four races with red bull's sebastian vettel now closing in on the lead there are just four races left this weekend if you expected ferrari to keep pace with the red bull on mclaren most year misfortune technically all their rivals have helped along so stay in contention for a third world title and ferrari's technical director says go right to the wire. we just need to. keep our carmen keep on developing the car we've got to make the right decisions make the right developments and try and make sure everything counts
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you know there's still a lot more coming through. we've got a long way to catch up with we're never going to give up we're going to keep on trying right right down right down to brazil now finding us go back to russia in football in the premier league maybe ups in this week for the international break. but i was beginning to may sit here all seventeen goals scored during my stay alive and they saw his goals go low. live. live. live. live.
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live. keep.
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keep. keep the i that is all from the world of sport with this from a in just under two hours time here i'll take. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operation through the day.
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wealthy british style. lies. markets finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines join in to cause a report on our. sit.
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well with the. slaves technology innovation all the list of melanin still around russia we've got the future covered. cultures that so much given to you each musician on the mark left syria a civil war within and the deadly reality of seeing this conflict spill over into the entire region because much of the blame for the current. mission would be soon which brightened a few. songs from finest impressions. means
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for. stunts on t.v. don't come. cali. offers an air show and an uninitialized museum doesn't matter you. most of the residents never profit from the performances you'll see of coming our signature trip there when you look up and there's one check in on you he's the alpha beta gamma he was always the final twenty three and he's let me go with out there know what they can pinpoint. the dirt right now. those shells become income mortal danger and a piece of art is still being sent in base just in making tender fenton pre. old bombs and. on our team.
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